Self doubt is one of the biggest killers of our grand visions, our dream lives. And most of us think that we need to resist or "push past it" in order to be successful. 

But that's actually the opposite of what you want to do.

Over the course of 4 weeks, this guide will teach you small daily actions that will help you build a new habit of transforming self doubt into the inner peace and confidence required to transform your grand vision into your reality. 

By following this guide, others have reported the following celebrations: 

  • "Making decisions doesn't give me the same stress and anxiety that it used to. I now KNOW what the best decision for ME and my inner self is! It's saved me so much time and energy!" 
  • "Now people are asking me for MY opinions. My energy is different!" 
  • "I'm less afraid of sharing my ideas"
  • "I'm reaching my goals much faster and easier, probably in half the time it normally takes me" 
  • "I'm attracting better neighbors - My new neighbors seem to be much more positive than the ornery one who lived next door previously." 
  • "Getting to appointments on time when I'm usually always late" 
  • "So much more productive - worked on a project I need to graduate that I usually procrastinate on!"

Who Am I? 

Hi, Jess here! My full name is Jessica May Tang, and I am a Self Love and Empowerment Coach for women and the host of The Love Yourself Podcast. Together, I believe we can learn to love, honor, and respect ourselves and each other, so together, we can ALL RISE. 

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